Thank You - Getting On With The Albion Park Rail Bypass

Thank you for signing our community petition and sending a message to Labor Mayor Marianne Saliba and Labor Shellharbour City Councillors that you want the Albion Park Rail bypass - delivered.  

Since securing the more than half a billion in funding, I have been frustrated by Marianne Saliba and Shellharbour Labor that have played politics and sought to frustrate this project. 

I've got the money - I now need the land. 

Shellharbour City Council is delaying the project in an attempt to blackmail the NSW Government into funding other projects that are a council responsibility. 

The message from our community is clear - just get on with it. Get out of the way Marianne! 

At the Shellharbour Council elections on 9 September, I ask that you elect a council that will work with me to deliver this project. 

There are 10 teams contesting your Shellharbour City Council elections on 9 September - only one of them will work with me to get the Albion Park Rail bypass delivered. 

I ask that you back Nathan Cattell and our Shellharbour Liberal team. Put our community first - and Labor/Independent wreckers last. 

Kind regards


Gareth Ward MP

Member for Kiama

Parliamentary Secretary for the Illawarra and South Coast